Welcome and Introductions

Welcome, everyone. We thought it would be a good idea to briefly introduce ourselves, and the WWS/MAE 353 team is taking the lead here. Please write a two or three sentence introduction about yourself and why you are taking this course. You can also note any questions you have after reviewing the syllabus and highlight topics that particularly stand out for you. I’d like your interests to help determine what we emphasize this semester.

glaser-nano-bw I am Alexander Glaser, Assistant Professor at the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs and in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Princeton University. I have a PhD in Physics from Darmstadt University of Technology, Germany. I work with the International Panel on Fissile Materials, am a member of the Science and Security Board of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, and co-editor of the journal Science & Global Security, which has been published since 1989. My research focuses on nuclear nonproliferation and disarmament, the nuclear fuel cycle, and nuclear energy. You can look around this website to find out more about our work and ongoing projects.

reilly-nano-bw My name is Caroline Reilly, and I will be the TA for this course. I came to Princeton in 2010 after working as a research assistant with the RAND Corporation in DC. Now a third-year doctoral candidate in Security Studies at the Woodrow Wilson School, I am developing my dissertation, which will focus on the apparent requirement for numerical parity in U.S.-Soviet and U.S.-Russian nuclear arms-control agreements. Along with my studies, I have participated in several working groups for junior scholars on nuclear policy. I have a B.S. in aerospace engineering from MIT and a M.A. from the War Studies Department at King’s College London.

sealfon-nano-bw I am Carolyn Sealfon, the Associate Director of Science Education for Princeton’s Council on Science and Technology, which promotes the development of engaging science and engineering courses for students concentrating in the humanities and social sciences. From 2006 to 2011, I served as an Assistant Professor of Physics at West Chester University of Pennsylvania, where I integrated researched-based teaching methods in both introductory and upper-level undergraduate courses and advised undergraduate research in cosmology. I received my PhD in physics and astronomy from the University of Pennsylvania and my B.A. in physics from Cornell University. I am currently President of the Southeastern Pennsylvania Section of the American Association of Physics Teachers and maintain a strong interest in community outreach related to science. My other interests include singing, acting, biking, and swing dancing.

32 thoughts on “Welcome and Introductions

  1. Hi! My name is Rebecca K. ’13, and I’m a Mol. Bio. major with considerable background in physics as well. I am considering going into defense research, so I am taking this class to learn more about the scientific (moreso than policy) challenges and opportunities in the field of defense against/prevention of global-scale warfare. In addition to the field of nuclear weapons, I am particularly interested in bioterrorism.

  2. My name is Victoria S., and I’m a senior studying electrical engineering. I’m taking MAE 353 to explore an engineering science field outside my major (which happens to be an ELE requirement). I am most interested in learning about cyber deterrence and biosecurity.

  3. My name is Jessica Mulligan, and I am a junior in the Politics Department. I was attracted to this course because of the policy aspect, as I would like to expand my background in global security and foreign policy. I have a background in science and math, as I originally planned on majoring in mol bio. I am especially interested in the case studies, as well as learning about nuclear strategy.

  4. My name is Billy Tifft, and I am a senior in the MAE department. I am interested in taking WWS 353 to look at what I have already learned from a different perspective. I am most interested with nuclear warfare and cyberterrorism.

  5. My name is Marianne (although I go by Mars) and I am a senior in the COS department pursuing the ITS certificate. I am taking this course because I am interested in how advances in technology and decisions in policy affect each other. I am looking forward to the units on biosecurity / bioterrorism and cyberwarfare.

  6. My name is Fred DeVeaux and I am a sophomore leaning towards a WWS major and an EMS certificate. I am particularly interested in nuclear strategy, the rising tension surrounding Iran’s nuclear program, and examining the arguments for and against nuclear proliferation through a scientific lens.

  7. My name is Ha-Kyung and I’m a senior in the CBE department. I am taking this course because I’ve always been intrigued by the intersection of policy and science. I’I’m most interested in nuclear proliferation and the case studies of Iran and North Korea.

  8. My name is Adriana Rexon and I’m a junior in the Near Eastern Studies
    department. I am taking this class because I am interested in learning
    about how the threat of a nuclear Iran affects the politics of the
    Middle East, and in how ideas like nuclear non-proliferation affect
    international relations in general. I am also interested in
    cybersecurity. Currently I have only a basic knowledge of math and
    science, but am excited to learn!

  9. My name is Alexa and I am a sophomore and I’m leaning towards NES or WWS with an NES certificate. I became interested in global security after taking Professor Mian’s freshman seminar on nuclear weapons and I’m excited to take another class in the Program on Science and Global Security. I’m particularly interested in the debates surrounding nuclear deterrence. I’m also excited to learn about biosecurity because it seems fascinating and I know absolutely nothing about it.

  10. Hello! My name is Daniel Johnson (Danny) and I am a sophomore looking forward to concentrating in the Woodrow Wilson School. In my freshman seminar with Professor Diane Snyder, we briefly addressed cyber security and cyberwarfare issues and I saw this course as a way to follow-up on this fascinating topic. I am also excited for Units 3 and 6 and hope to address the role of international organizations in inspections and arms control as well as nonproliferation.

  11. Hi, my name is Tarin and I’m a junior majoring in Politics with a certificate in East Asian Studies. I have two main reasons for taking this course: So far in my Princeton career, I have yet to take a course that combines science and policy, though I find this intersection incredibly fascinating and extremely relevant to real-world developments. WWS/MAE 353 seems like a great choice in this respect. Moreover, given that my thesis will probably be related, in one way or another, to North Korea’s nuclear development, I feel this class will be incredibly helpful in facilitating my learning about this topic and my writing on it. Consequently, I’m hoping we can really hone in on the case studies in this course, not only North Korea but also Iran and others! Thank you.

  12. Hello! My name is Monique, and I am a sophomore, intending to major in either the Woodrow Wilson School, or in Economics. I am very interested in learning about global security and the policies that are currently being implemented for protection against potential threats to humanity, particularly bioterrorism and cyberterrorism.

  13. Hi! My name is Madhu Ramankutty. I’m a sophomore looking to be in Woody Woo with a certificate in Values and Public Life. I’m interested in this course because as society has progressed, science and technology has played an increasingly important role in our lives. I want to get a better understanding of the science and technology behind many of the threats we face–without that understanding, it is impossible to develop practical solutions. I’m particularly interested in learning about bioterrorism. I’m also excited to discuss nuclear deterrence, especially as nuclear weapons now seem to determine how states (and non-states) interact.

  14. Hey, my name is Tommaso Greenbaum and I am a sophomore and future WWS major. I too am particularly interested in both the scientific and political nuances of nuclear proliferation especially as it relates to the current situation with Iran. I am also very much interested in learning more about cyberwarfare

  15. Hello everyone, my name is Bohao Liu and I am a senior in the Mol. Bio. department. I have a decent amount of computer science background and am going into the field of medicine so I am really interested in learning about cyberwarfare and biosecurity. Having learned a lot of the science, I am really excited to explore the policy side of these subjects.

  16. Hello my name is Grayson Shepperd. I’m a sophomore in the COS department. I am interested in the design of technology and the interaction between policy and innovation. Nuclear security is an especially interesting example of the conflict between a growing science and the ethical responsibilities surrounding it and I’m excited to learn more about it

  17. Hi everyone, my name is Audrye and I am a senior in the Woodrow Wilson School. I hope to further my interests in security studies through a better grasp of the science and technologies involved, including nuclear weapons (particularly in North Korea), missile defense and cyberwarfare, as well as their implications for international relations and states’ foreign policies.

  18. Greetings. My name is Nik Szamreta. I am a Junior in the Chemical Engineering department. Nuclear technology has consistently been a topic of interest for me throughout my studies here at Princeton. While discussing policy issues with a previous professor, this course was recommended to me as a good way to study the joint interests between engineering and global policy. I am excited to finally be able to take it.

  19. Hi everyone, my name is Kimberly and I am a senior in the Politics Department. I hope to learn more about the relationship between science and technology and international relations. I am particularly interested in cyberwarfare and bioterrorism.

  20. Hi everyone, my name is Chiraag and I am a senior in the Electrical Engineering department. I am interested in studying the interface between technology and biology and technology and society and hope that to learn more about these intersections this semester.

  21. My name is Daniel Feinberg and I am a senior WWS major with an Information Technology and Society certificate. My studies focus primarily on the international politics of the Internet, including cyber-attacks, threats, and ownership issues, but I am interested more generally on international technological networks such as aviation. I am looking forward to learning about precautions taken at the international, multilateral level to combat possible threats like bioterrorism and cyberwarfare.

  22. My name is Fabrizio Giovannini, I am a sophomore Econ major with an Applications of Computer Science certificate. I am particularly interested in cyber warfare and the interaction between policy and technological innovation. Physics is also one of my favorite subjects, so the issue of nuclear proliferation also interests me.

  23. My name is Valarie Hansen and I am a junior in WWS with a certificate in African Studies. I usually focus on human rights and democratization, but I have recently been much more interested in issues of international relations; I’m taking this class so I have a better understanding of what threats are out there, and perhaps how they shape IR and the peace-keeping process. I am especially interested in the sections on bio-terrorism.

  24. My name is Clarissa, and I am a junior in the Civil Engineering department with a Spanish certificate. I am interested in the effects of new technologies on policy and in cybersecurity.

  25. Hi my name is Alec Keller and I am a junior in the politics department. I am particularly interested in cyberterrorism and learning how governments can try and preemptively protect themselves. I also hope to learn more about nuclear proliferation and bioterrorism.

  26. Hi my name is Ian Kapron-King and I am a sophomore planning on majoring in either economics or WWS. I am interested in efforts at nuclear disarmament and the growing threat of cyberwarfare. I hope to learn more about the history of nuclear strategy and the interaction between science and policy-making.

  27. Hi everyone, my name is Stephanie and I am a junior in the Wilson school pursuing a certificate in East Asian Studies. I would like to learn more about the science of various security issues to inform my assessments of the national policies and international institutions crafted to respond to them.

  28. Hey all, my name is Patrick, and I’m a major in the MOL department getting a QCB (Quantitative & Computational Bio) certificate. I have spent my time hear largely focused on learning science and technology, so I am very interested in expanding my experience with the policies surrounding these potentially dangerous applications (particularly with regards to biotechnology).

  29. I’m Merrill Fabry, a Junior History of Science major interested in 20th century physics of all sorts, and computing. I’m hoping to gain a new perspective on nuclear technology as well as a better understanding of the science behind it. I’d also like to learn more about cyberwarfare and the connections that government has to innovation, funding and creating science as well as limiting it.

  30. I’m Emma Lawless, and I’m a senior in ANT getting certificates in Applications of Computing and in Information Technology and Society. My thesis is on the sociotechnical constitution of trust at a space science lab I hung out at over the summer, and this class addresses some issues I encountered at the lab (e.g ITAR restrictions in hardware-oriented spaces/during hardware-oriented work) that caused a lot of fun logistical problems (e.g. I couldn’t take pictures in rooms where scientists were testing/building instruments). I got interested in the historical and contemporary political factors that contributed to these restrictions — and people’s perceptions of their significance — so I am hoping that this class will shed some light on that stuff.

  31. Hi, my name is Niv Milbar and I am a senior in the Molecular Biology department with a Global Health and Health Policy certificate. I am very interested in nuclear strategy, particularly as it pertains to introducing non-state players who can obtain nuclear material (like terrorists). I am also very interested in biological weapons and biological terrorism in an age where it is now possible to synthesize many organisms from their genetic code in the laboratory. Looking forward to the class!

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