Re-Engineering the Nuclear Future

We are pleased to announce that Princeton’s Carbon Mitigation Initiative will support NFL’s “Re-Engineering the Nuclear Future” project directed by Alexander Glaser and M. V. Ramana. The project will explore the shapes of alternative nuclear futures looking in particular at emerging technologies, many still in the R&D stage, that may be potential game changers. Research will also focus on the broader energy context and examine how nuclear power would fit into a modern low-carbon energy system that may be more decentralized than today’s system and emphasize flexibility, energy efficiency, and small-scale solutions. The project will bring together a unique set of skills in computing, engineering, energy technologies, and policy analysis available in Princeton’s School of Engineering and the Woodrow Wilson School. This first phase of this project will focus on Small Modular Reactors (SMR), a new type of reactor designs currently under development in the United States, Russia, China, France, Japan, and South Korea. Having power levels that are a fraction of those of existing power reactors and featuring new design approaches (including, for example, underground construction), SMR may be the most serious candidate technology in the nuclear area today. There have been few independent reviews of these systems so far. This project seeks to fill this gap and help establish the basis for a more informed debate on the possible role of SMR.