Welcome and Introductions

Welcome, everyone. We thought it would be a good idea to briefly introduce ourselves, and the WWS/MAE 353 team is taking the lead here. Please write a two or three sentence introduction about yourself and why you are taking this course. You can also note any questions you have after reviewing the syllabus and highlight topics that particularly stand out for you. I’d like your interests to help determine what we emphasize this semester.

blog-aglaser I am Alexander Glaser, Assistant Professor at the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs and in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Princeton University. I have a PhD in Physics from Darmstadt University of Technology, Germany. I work with the International Panel on Fissile Materials, am a member of the Science and Security Board of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, and co-editor of the journal Science & Global Security, which has been published since 1989. My research focuses on nuclear nonproliferation and disarmament, the nuclear fuel cycle, and nuclear energy. You can look around this website to find out more about our work and ongoing projects.

blog-csreilly My name is Caroline Reilly, and I will be precepting this course. I came to Princeton in 2010 after working as a research assistant with the RAND Corporation in DC. Now a fourth-year doctoral candidate in Security Studies at the Woodrow Wilson School, I am writing my dissertation, which focuses on the processes by which nuclear-armed adversaries perceive and respond to the condition of mutually-assured destruction. Along with my studies, I have participated in several working groups for junior scholars on nuclear policy. I have a B.S. in aerospace engineering from MIT and a M.A. from the War Studies Department at King’s College London.

blog-phannam I am Phil Hannam, a third-year PhD student in the Woodrow Wilson School’s Science, Technology and Environmental Policy (STEP) program. I study the adoption of advanced low-carbon energy technology in the power sectors of major emerging economies, and the importance of multilateral institutions. My academic and professional activities have afforded me a diversity of international experiences, including work with the Natural Resources Defense Council’s Beijing office, the UN Environment Program in Nairobi, the Joint Global Change Research Institute in Maryland, the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Energy and Environment in Washington, DC, and with rural development projects in Burkina Faso and Brazil. I have a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Maryland, College Park, and an M.Eng. from Tongji University in Shanghai, China.

blog-aahmad Hi, my name is Ali Ahmad. I am a research fellow in nuclear technology policy on the Program in Science, Technology and Environmental Policy (STEP) and Nuclear Futures Lab. I have obtained my first degree in Physics from the Lebanese University in Beirut and a Ph.D in Nuclear engineering from Cambridge University. My current research interests focus on technical and policy assessments of advanced nuclear reactor systems such as Small Modular Reactors and nuclear fuel cycle options and implications.

blog-sealfon I’m Carolyn Sealfon, Associate Director of Science Education for Princeton’s Council on Science and Technology, which fosters university-wide engagement in science and engineering, such as promoting the development of innovative ST courses for students concentrating in the humanities and social sciences. From 2006 to 2011, I served as Assistant Professor of Physics at West Chester University of Pennsylvania, where I integrated researched-based teaching methods in both introductory and upper-level undergraduate courses and advised undergraduate research in cosmology. I received my PhD in physics and astronomy from the University of Pennsylvania and my B.A. in physics from Cornell University.

63 thoughts on “Welcome and Introductions

  1. Hi, I’m Oliver Quintero, a sophomore planning to concentrate
    in the Woodrow Wilson School with a certificate in Technology and Society. I am
    most interested in policy relevant to education and/or science. This course
    caught my attention because of its cross-disciplinary approach to the study of
    national and global security and because of good feedback from other students.

  2. Hello everyone! My name is Zhan Okuda-Lim, and I am a junior majoring in the Woodrow Wilson School with a Certificate in American Studies; my policy focus is on public education policy. I was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada, with the Nevada Test Site just over 90 miles to the north. Being in the shadow of the Test Site sparked a personal interest in nuclear weapons, strategy, and testing, all with an eye on the Cold War era—the National Atomic Testing Museum is near the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. I am also interested in other topics that we will discuss in the course. I look forward to meeting everyone!

  3. Hello! I’m Tai Hirose, a junior majoring in the WWS. I’m especially interested in the section of the class concerning nuclear energy and weapons. Coming from Japan and especially after Fukushima, the future of nuclear energy and nuclear weapons have always been a concern. I also took a freshman seminar on nuclear disasters and hope to have great discussions with everybody!

  4. I’m Emily de La Bruyere, a junior majoring in WWS and focusing on military relations with East Asia. I realized this fall (during a seminar on defense policy analysis) how critical a basic understanding of science and technology is in military policy — and how short my own understanding falls. This class offers the perfect opportunity to begin to fix that. I’m particularly interested in cyber war, particularly in light of the challenges it poses for the U.S.

  5. I’m Liz, a junior in the Woodrow Wilson School. I am very excited for this course. I really enjoy both science and foreign policy so this class seems like a perfect application.

  6. Hello, I am Peter de Groot, a junior in the Electrical Engineering department aiming to add this course to my side interest of how technology affects the world. I took a Freshman Seminar on nuclear accidents which prompted this interest and thus I was interested in the ramifications that we’ll be discussing.

  7. I’m Tori, a sophomore majoring in Molecular Biology with a certificate in Near Eastern Studies. With my background, I’m particularly interested in learning more about the potential misuse of biological research and how to take steps to prevent bioterrorism.

  8. Hello all, my name is Juan Garavito and I am a junior in the Woodrow Wilson School. I am particularly interested in learning about the technical matters at work when people talk broadly about nuclear weapons and other security risks. It seems important to understand what is really going on in these cases from a scientific perspective in order to properly argue one side or the other from a policy perspective.

  9. Hi everyone, I’m Zach Ogle and I am a Junior in Woody Woo. I’m focusing most of my classwork on foreign policy topics, and am excited to learn about most of the material in the class. Topics like nuclear strategy/proliferation, bioterrorism, and cyber security are all highly relevant and interesting, and I look forward to gaining an understanding of the science behind them.

  10. Hi, I’m Rachel, a sophomore in the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology department. This course appealed to me because of my interest in applications of science to global and national security issues. I look forward to learning about the policy side of these topics.

  11. Hello everyone. My name is Heather McCormac and I am also a junior in the Woodrow Wilson School. Within my department I am studying foreign relations, specifically looking at conflict and cooperation between peoples. I felt this course would be a good way to better understand the ‘conflict’ portion of my studies.

  12. Hey guys, I’m Andrew Hanna and I’m a sophomore, prospective Near Eastern Studies major. I’m taking this class partially because advanced weapons technology play a significant role in Middle Eastern politics and relations, but mostly because I just like understanding how complicated things work. I enjoy long walks on the beach and eating Oreos.

  13. Hi my name is Chris Wu and I am a senior ORFE major, with a certificate in CS. I did some policy debate in high school and enjoy studying warfare and military technology, so this subject seemed really interesting.

  14. Hello, my name is Mel. I’m a junior in the Woodrow Wilson School. I am also planning to get an NES certificate. I am taking this class to get a more substantial understanding of the technical aspects of security policy. Hope to see y’all tomorrow.

  15. Hi everyone, my name is Jameson. I’m a junior in the Wilson school concentrating on security and conflict. I’m interested in piracy, terrorism, and nuclear proliferation so I thought I’d try this class out. I’ve also watched “Countdown to 0,” and wanted to learn more about nuclear weapons and how to safely reduce their numbers.

  16. Hi everyone, my name is Christy Fung. I’m a junior majoring in Economics. I am taking this course as I am interested in understanding the technologies that are relevant to national security. I look forward to seeing the technical aspects as well as through the public policy lens.

  17. Hello, hello. I am Collin Berger, and I’m a senior in WWS. While a lot of my coursework has focused on economics and economic policymaking, I have taken courses on international relations and I think science is really cool. I was sold on this class as soon as I read the syllabus: the subjects are relevant both today and for the foreseeable future, and what little I already know about the material is tantalizing.

  18. Hi all! I’m Joe Margolies, a junior in WWS pursuing a certificate in Materials Science and Engineering. My focus in WWS is science and technology policy, so I’m very interested in the intersections between the two we’ll be looking at in this class. I’m also in a task force right now on nuclear energy policy, and it will be interesting to see the other side of that technology from a policy perspective.

  19. Hi everyone, my name is Julia Hammer. I’m a junior in the East Asian Studies department. I have recently taken an interest in Chinese cyber security policy and the potential implications it has for relations between the U.S. and China. I hope to deepen my understanding of this topic, as well as other modern warfare technologies, through this course.

  20. Hello everyone, my name is Tommaso Greenbaum and I am a junior in the Woodrow Wilson School. I actually took the course for a couple of weeks last year and am happy to be able to take it for the whole semester this time around. I am particularly interested in both the scientific and political nuances of nuclear proliferation, especially as they relates to the current situation in the Middle East. I am also particularly interested in learning more about cyberwarfare

  21. Hi all! I’m Annika, a junior in the English & Theater departments. This class will probably be unlike anything else I’ve taken/will take in my time at Princeton, but I’m looking forward to giving it a shot. I’m especially fascinated by cyberwarfare and its relation to cyber communication/social media.

  22. Hello all, my name is Eric Bartholomae and I am a junior in the Economics department. I am taking this class because I am interested in the implications that technology, particularly nuclear technology and cyber warfare, have for public policy. I also hope to gain an understanding of the technical aspect of these technologies, something which I know relatively little about.

  23. Hi, I’m Jennifer Zhao and I am a junior in the Wilson school. Security seems to be an ever-rising policy issue, especially within the States. I am taking this class to educate myself on the issues ranging from online attacks by hackers to drone attacks to nuclear warfare.

  24. Hi everyone, my name is Allen Hernandez, and I’m a sophomore looking to concentrate in Woody Woo with certificates in Spanish and Linguistics. I’m taking this course because I’m very interested in becoming familiar with the science behind nuclear weapons and cyber technology – both realms of policy that are very mysterious to me as of now – so that I can develop more informed opinions regarding the policy surrounding them.

  25. Hi Everyone, my name is Aryeh Nussbaum Cohen, and I’m a junior in the History Department pursuing certificates in Judaic Studies and Vocal Performance. I’m taking this course because I’ve become involved in advocacy and education work around the recent Iranian Nuclear Negotiations, and am hoping to gain a better understanding of the science behind those sorts of the issues.

  26. Hello everyone! My name is Ella Cheng, and I’m a sophomore and prospective Woodrow Wilson major with a Values and Public Life certificate. I’m taking this course because, from reading about some of the key issues of this course in the news and in previous course readings, I’ve become very interested in the increasingly prominent intersection between science, technology and public policy. Through this course, I hope to learn more about this ever growing and important field.

  27. Hi everyone, my name is Claire Stanton, and I’m a junior in the Spanish and Portuguese Department. I’m also completing the Global Health and Health Policy certificate. I’m taking this course primarily because I know very little about the topic, and as the questions concerning technology and security are so important, I’m hoping to get a much better grasp of the issues we currently face.

  28. Hey everyone! My name is Jenny Zhou, and I’m a sophomore, prospective Woodrow Wilson School major looking to pursue certificates in East Asian Studies, Values and Public Life, and Environmental Studies. I became interested in looking at the intersection between science, technology, policy upon taking a Freshman Seminar in MAE when we traveled to Costa Rica to examine sustainability initiatives. Beyond sustainability, issues of global security and technology are integral to the next few decades (as evidenced in recent news reports) and I’m hoping to gain more knowledge about nuclear weapons, cyberwarfare, and biotechnology.

  29. Hello! I’m Eric, a junior in the Wilson School pursuing certificates in European Politics and Society and French Language. Beyond satisfying the WWS core requirement for science policy, I am excited to apply my past experience in the sciences in the policy realm. I am particularly interested in the future of nuclear energy both in Europe and in the United States.

  30. Yo! My name is Myles and I am a junior in the WWschool pursuing a certificate in East Asian Studies. This class seemed like a great way to get the science policy requirement out of the way, plus nuclear proliferation is obviously a salient topic, especially in East Asia. I am particularly interested in learning more about nuclear policy and the US policy toward North Korea.

  31. Hello! My name is Jaimie McDonell and I am a sophomore looking to major in Economics with a certificate in Political Economy. I am really excited to take this class because of my interest in foreign policy especially how it applies to security.This class stood out because of its unique cross-disciplinary approach to science and public policy, also because the subject matter just seemed so relevant and crutial to current events.

  32. My name is MicKenzie Roberts-Lahti and I am a junior in Woody Woo pursuing a certificate in Humanistic Studies. Along with satisfying the WWS core requirement for science policy, I am interested in understanding the role of bureaucracy in the science community and global security.

  33. Hi all. I’m Tyler House and I am a Junior in the Wilson School. Most of my previous coursework has been on IR and foreign policy with a regional focus on the MENA countries. I have studied nuclear proliferation but am unfamiliar with bioterrorism and cyber security. I think understanding these and other security risks will be relevant to my spring JP on interstate signaling and threat assessment and I look forward to better understanding the science behind these policy issues.

  34. Hi there. My name is Max Rubin and I am a senior in the COS engineering department with a Planets and Life certificate. Global security has always been an interesting topic to me but I’ve never had the opportunity to take a class on it. The biological and nuclear considerations are intriguing, and I am mostly excited for when we reach cyber security.

  35. Hello. My name is Connor Martin. I am a junior from Indianapolis, Indiana. I am in the Woodrow WIlson School. I took this class as a continuation of the freshman seminar I took with Zia Mian.

  36. Hi everyone! My name is Mallory Remick and I am a sophomore majoring in Woody Woo. I am taking this class because I am very interested in global security and how it will continue to impact us in the future. This is my first course in this area of study and I am really excited to gain a new perspective on national security.

  37. Hi! My name is Courtney Ciardiello and I am a junior in the Politics Department. I am taking this class because I am interested in learning about and understanding the technologies that are pertinent to national and global security

  38. Hi, my name is Lauren Lazo and I am a junior in the Psychology Department. I am taking this course because I am incredibly interested in national security and the threats that nuclear weapons and warfare present. I have no knowledge on cyber security and bioterrorism and I am excited to learn more about these topics.

  39. Hi, my name is Neesha Pinnaduwage and I’m a senior CBE major with a certificate in Sustainable Energy. I’ve learned mostly about the technical side of some of the topics we’ll discuss in this course, and I’m interested in learning more about the policy and security aspects.

  40. My name is Sebastian Strauss and I am a junior in the Woodrow Wilson School. Most of my classwork so far has been focused on economics, but I’ve always been interested in global security. I’m especially looking forward to the policy perspective that this course will offer.

  41. Hi everyone, my name is Vivian Gao, and I’m a junior in the economics department. I had read a lot about warfare during World War II, and from this became very interested in cryptography and nuclear weaponry. I took this course because I was hoping to learn more about modern incarnations of these two types of security measures and warfare (in the forms of cyber security and modern nuclear development), and how they affect global dynamics today.

  42. Hello, my name is Jess Haley, and I’m a junior in the Woodrow Wilson School. I took a freshman seminar course taught by M.V. Ramana focusing on nuclear disasters, and thought that this would be an interesting course to continue to look at nuclear power as a weapon. I’m also focusing on conflict within the Woodrow Wilson school so I am looking forward to discussing the global security and policy aspects of the course.

  43. Hey everyone, my name is Alex Fish, and I’m a senior COS major. I decided to take the course because global security is something that interests me, especially with regards to cyber security.

  44. Hi! I’m Cara Cavanaugh. I’m a sophomore who’s early concentrating in History of Science. I’m taking this course to learn more about the science that causes global security (and thus historical) issues. My main area of focus is scientific advances made during and after WWII. I’m especially looking forward to learning about nuclear and cyber threats, and the simulation at the end of the course.

  45. My name is Ryan Fauber. I am a Junior in the Near Eastern Studies Department. This course is a great opportunity to connect what I’m learning about certain regions in the world-and US policy towards those regions-with the science behind some of the technology associated with them. I hope to be able to apply what I learn in this course to work in policy focused on the Near East.

  46. Hi, my name is Sohee Hyung. I am a sophomore and prospective Woodrow Wilson major with a certificate in East Asian Studies. This is my first time learning about global security. I became interested in this area because of my passion for North Korean human rights and North-South Korean relations. I am especially interested in nuclear profiliation.

  47. Hi, my name is Nick van der Vink and I am a Junior in the Woodrow Wilson department. I am currently concentrated in health care economics and policy, but am also extremely interested in policy overall and global security. Some of my independent and elective work has focused on targeted sustainability, resiliency, and especially vulnerable populations that are disproportionately effected by disruptive events. I am interested in this course because I feel I lack significant knowledge in this area. I am eager to learn more about cyber warfare, bio terrorism and nuclear policy and how it informs policy decisions.

  48. Hi, I’m Carter Bradley. I’m a junior in the Woodrow Wilson School. This class brings together many of the topics I’m currently studying. Specifically, I am taking a research seminar on international signaling and responses to international threats, so drilling into the details of what those threats might be and how to analyze them fascinates me.

  49. Hi, I am Shiyao Gu(George). I am a senior in the philosophy department. I am from China, and I heard that my country is building up five nuclear plants, which bother me a lot. While I was trying to figure out what I am supposed to do, I saw this class.

  50. Hi, my name is Jee Eun Lee (“Jean”), and I am junior in the Woodrow Wilson School. I am interested in security issues in East Asia, particularly with regards to North Korean nuclear programs. I look forward to learning more about a broad spectrum of global security topics, including nuclear proliferation, cyberwarfare, and bioterrorism, and how they inform policy decisions. I am excited to learn about the science behind them.

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