Ali Ahmad

Ali Ahmad is a research fellow in Nuclear Technology Policy at Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School for Public and International Affairs. Ali’s Work covers nuclear technology and nuclear fuel cycle assessments, nuclear energy and climate change, technical and policy aspects of small modular reactors and the introduction of nuclear power to new markets. A Physics graduate from The Lebanese University in Beirut, Ali holds a PhD in Nuclear Engineering from Cambridge University.

Forthcoming Publications and Working Papers

A. Ahmad and A. Glaser, Molten Salt Reactors: Resource Requirements and Proliferation-Risk Attributes of Single-Fluid and Two-Fluid Designs, working paper.

B.A. Lindley, A. Ahmad, N.Z. Zainuddin, F. Franceschini and G.T. Parks, Steady-state and Transient Core Feasibility Analysis for Thorium-fuelled Reduced-Moderation PWR performing Full Transuranic Recycle. working paper.

A. Ahmad and M.V. Ramana, Assessment of the introduction of nuclear power in Saudi Arabia, working paper.

Recent and Selected Publications (2011-2013)

A. Ahmad, The Saudi Proliferation Question, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists Online.

A. Ahmad, S. J. Steer, and G. T. Parks. “A preliminary study of target multiplicity for ADSRs.” Energy Conversion and Management. 69 (2013): 181-190.

A. Ahmad, B. A. Lindley, and G. T. Parks. “Accelerator-induced transients in accelerator driven subcritical reactors.” Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A. 696 (2012): 55-65.

Ahmad, A., S. L. Sheehy, and G. T. Parks. “The effect of beam interruptions on the integrity of ADSR fuel pin cladding: A thermo-mechanical analysis.” Annals of Nuclear Energy. 46 (2012): 97-105.

Recent Talks and Lectures (2012-2013)

Nuclear Power in Saudi Arabia: A Preliminary Assessment, Nuclear Technology, Nuclear Energy and a Middle East WMD-Free Zone, 27 October 2013.